Connect to Office SharePoint Sites Not Working – SharePoint 2010

An end-user comes to you and states that they tried the Connect to Office > Add to SharePoint Sites functionality within the document library ribbon in SharePoint 2010, and when they open an Office application, the sites don’t show up.  We had a similar problem in SharePoint 2007 - but now the registry settings and a couple of other things have changed with SharePoint 2010.

Generally this problem is a result of the end-user trying to use 'Add to SharePoint Sites' before they have created their MySite and navigated to 'My Content'.  SharePoint 2010 utilizes User Profiles Services in conjuction with MySites to snyc with Office applications.  First step is you have to clear 2 registry settings at this key listed below.  Don't delete the 2 keys, simply double click on each of them and clear the data so that they are blank.  LinkPublishingTimestamp when cleared will still show 4 zeros.





Then, you have to open the end-user’s MySite and navigate to ‘My Content’.  You should  see a dialog box similar to the one below.  Click yes.


Then, navigate to a SharePoint 2010 library that the end-user wants to add to their SharePoints Sites shortcuts.  Navigate to Connect to Office > Add to SharePoint Sites on the ribbon and add the site.

 You should  see a dialog box similar to the one below.  Click yes.


Finally, have the end-user open an Office application and navigate to File > Save As on the ribbon.  The end-user should now see their SharePoint 2010 library shortcut listed under SharePoint Sites.

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