Finding a GUID for a SharePoint 2010 List

SharePoint 2010 has a lot of cool features and commands that can be run in PowerShell scripts through the command line. The only problem is that sometimes these commands need the SharePoint ID or GUID to be able to run the commands against the right list, library, etc. The only problem is that SharePoint 2010 doesn't put the GUID in an easily accessible location (like you would expect them to). The good thing is I am going to show you a trick to get the GUID in a simple quick way.

There are times when you need to find the Id (GUID) of a list - My example was I had a SharePoint list that I couldn't delete using the user interface and had to do it via PowerShell command line. It wouldn't take the list name so I had to use the GUID.

Now you can easily find a version of the GUID in the URL for the SharePoint list. The only problem is that it's not correct because some of the characters are "escaped" (better explained and converted) and need to be fixed. Here is a quick and simple way to fix these "escaped" characters and get the GUID for your SharePoint list:

Open the SharePoint list in IE (or your favorite browser)
In List Tools Click List Settings
Copy the Url from the browser address bar into word or notepad
It will look something like this -
Delete everything before and including List=
Change %7B to {
Change %7D to }
You are now left with the Id: {B0D152B1-DECB-4485-8CD4-DD9D7B023E04}
Sometimes you will also have %2D in within the GUID in that case
Change %2d to -  (to a hyphen)

That is all there is to it to get the GUID from a SharePoint List in SharePoint 2010. I hope this guide helps you to quickly get the GUID you are looking for so you can complete whatever task you needed this GUID for.

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