SharePoint 2007 - Server does not have any indexer propagating to it.

SharePoint 2007 - Server '<SERVERNAME>' does not have any indexer propagating to it.
I ran into this problem on a farm that I inherited when starting a new job.  The former administrators were "learning on the job" when they set up the initial farm.

The cause is that 1 of the servers in your farm is configured to run both the indexing role and search queries role on it.  If the query role is deployed to the same server that hosts the index role, the query role cannot be deployed to any other servers. This is because the index role recognizes that the query role is on the same server and, consequently, does not attempt to propagate the index to another server.

Resolution is to make sure that index and query roles are not running together on any 1 server.  Have separate servers running the roles.

Navigate to Central Administration > Operations > Services in Central Administration.  Select a server, then click on the hyperlink 'Office SharePoint Server Search' located on the bottom left of the screen.  You will be at Central Administration > Operations > Services on Server > Office SharePoint Server Search Service Settings for the specific server.  Under 'Query and Indexing', make sure both boxes are not checked for 'Use this server for indexing content' and 'Use this server for serving search queries'.  Only 1 box should be checked per server - run indexing on 1 server and search queries on another.

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