SharePoint 2007 - You do not have permissions to open this file on Excel Services

1. In SharePoint Central Administration, go to 'Manage this farm's shared services'
2. Select your shared service.
3. In 'Excel Services Settings' select Edit Excel Services settings.
4. Ensure that File Access method is Process Account. Click OK.
5. Back in 'Excel Services Settings' select 'Trusted File Locations'
6. Add a new Trusted file Location:

You need to add your URLs to the trusted file location:
Central Administration-> SSP -> Excel Services Settings -> Trusted File Locations
e.g. if your URL is http://moss/sites/test1.aspx
You would do the following under:

Location Type:
Windows SharePoint Services
Check the Trusted Children check box
Leave everything else as is.

Perform a command line iisreset on all web front-end servers.
Now every site created under the http://moss/sites webapp should work (in other words if you created a site using the Reports Template your sample KPIs and Dashboards should work just fine now.

Have kerberos running? Then you have to configure more items to get Excel Services to run. Check out fellow SharePoint guru Martin Kearn's blog post here:

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